Face the Music, Joe Anderson’s authentic and bizarrely logical riff of “Music’s Biggest Night” and the foibles of its nominees joins the classics of rock and roll fiction.

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Keyboardist Zack Fluett wanders through his past and future to face his inevitable karma at “Music’s Biggest Night” ―the Grammys. A decade ago, breaking his hand on his lead singer’s nose brought his upward trajectory in the music business to a grinding halt.  The downward cacophony of booze, drugs, divorce, and self-destruction has high notes of self-deprecating humor and the only constant in Zach’s life, playing music.

A decade later he’s back–sober, wiser, and nominated for Song of the Year. But ghosts from his past send him careening out of control as the clock ticks down on the announcement of his category.

Face the Music is rock and roll fiction with an authentic reverberation that could only be written by an insider of the music business.

What People Are Saying

“Verdict: … a rock and roll novel that can proudly stand with other classics of the genre, such as Roddy Doyle’s The Commitments and Harlan Ellison’s Spider Kiss.”  Indie Reader

“The author writes knowingly about the music scene. His story is as old as rock ‘n’ roll itself–a cautionary tale of how sex, drugs and rampant ego can torpedo a career. What redeems it is the wit and honesty with which Zack narrates his story and the author’s eye for detail, as manifested in his faux discographies, Billboard charts and newspaper articles that begin every chapter … [T]here are enough jagged edges for this rock novel to qualify as the real deal.” Kirkus

“Face the Music is a fast-paced entertainment for anyone with a smidgeon of interest in rock, pop, the music industry as a whole. That’s not required as the book can be enjoyed simply for the humorous scenes and very human characters. But if you know anything about music, you know all these people and many of these places, just by different names ….

“The story is almost a better history of rock than many an actual autobiography of someone who was there.”

Dr. Wesley Britton of Bookpleasures

“Every now and then I get to blend my two favorite things – books and music.”

Quiet Fury Books

“You will laugh, you will cringe, you will pump your fist and say a quiet yes!, and you will possibly even cry a little. One thing you will not do is regret buying this book and reading it.”

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